The World's First Single Click
Crypto Trading Solution

Wouldn't it be great to be holding cryptocurrency when it is going up in value and not holding cryptocurrency when it is going down in value?

Sounds simple, but if ever you've tried crypto trading, you know it is not easy at all. You need an extensive education, the ability to withstand losses while you perfect your skills and hours and hours of time every day to keep up to date with what the markets are doing and where each coin is headed.

1 Click has perfected a system that makes cryptocurrency trading “1 Click” easy or "AutoClick" easy. If you can click a button on your mobile device, you can now trade cryptos.

The 1 Click Trading System is the best crypto trading system available today because it is:

  • Safer:
    Your funds remain in your account and are ALWAYS in YOUR control
  • Always available:
    Our team of Pro Traders are watching the market all day, every day, 365 days per year so you don't have to
  • More control:
    In "1 Click" mode, you decide whether to take the trade or not with a simple "click" on our app on your mobile device
  • Easier:
    In "AutoClick" mode, 1 Click performs the buy and sell operation at any time of the day or night on your behalf
  • Maximize your funds:
    No money is taken from your trading fund deposits to pay commissions to 1 Click or anyone else - it's your money and it stays that way
  • More profitable:
    You keep 100% of your trading profits
  • Trading Guarantee:
    You are guaranteed to cover your monthly subscription with your trading profits - every month
  • Turn trading into a business:
    As an Affiliate you would have the option to share the referral marketing program with others and make money from referral commissions

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When you hear the “ping” from your 1 Click app simply click the icon to take the trade.
If you are using "AutoClick" mode, then 1 Click will do it all for you


Unique custom designed trading signals with manual trades or "AutoClick"

  • Signals are sent to our app on your mobile device
  • 1 Click buys the stated cryptocurrency and we have the top performing coins on our list
  • Our system is designed to take you out of the market before the value of the coins drops
  • Our team of Pro Traders monitor the market 24/7 for you
  • Take as many trades as you want in the quantity that you want
  • You click the trades that you take at the amount you choose as a default
  • All of your cryptocurrency stays in your trading account in your exchange. 1 Click has no access to your crypto
  • All of the profit you make is yours to keep
  • With our industry leading "1 Click Trading Guarantee" we guarantee to at least cover your subscription costs every month. In effect, your first subscription should be the only one you pay from your own pocket
  • All you need is some crypto, a funded account on an exchange and our app. In "AutoClick" mode, you don't even need our app.

Here are some quick "How To" videos if you are brand new to crypto trading

This video covers:
How to Join Video
Use Valid Info
Use a Referral Code
Secure your Login Info

This video covers:
How to Buy Bitcoin
Get an Account
Follow Exchange Instructions
Safeguard Your Info

This video covers:
How the App and Signals Work
Get the App API Keys
Get Your 1Click App
Just Click to Take Trades