Our system is designed to put you in Bitcoin and Etherium when those markets are going up put you back into a stable coin USDT when the markets are going down.

Yes. The subscription is month to month so you can stop at any time. It's easy to stop.

If you are asking about your trades, you always have your crypto in your exchange. When you trade crypto, you exchange one kind of crypto for another. So, you have it in your possesion the whole time.

In terms of referral commissions, they are instant. Once the invoice payment is paid and confirmed then we pay commissions. You provide your BTC wallet address for us to send commissions.

You do. You set the dollar amount that you want to trade for every trade you take, in advance. You can change it at any time. It’s easy to start small and then ramp up as you gain more confidence with the system.

You should always consult a competent tax professional, preferably one who has experience with cryptocurrencies, for personal tax advice. In most countries you do have to pay taxes on earned income.

All trading has risk and this is no different. Our system is programmed to find the highest probability for successful trades. You should always start with smaller amounts and never trade with more than you can afford to lose.

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a Member or Affiliate.

Yes, you can make your own business cards and advertise. Advertisements may be reviewed by 1 Click Trading System in line with corporate ideology. If you use the words gauranteed income or promote that idea you will be terminated.

We promote our products through our Sales Network of Affiliates. In lieu of traditional advertising methods, we simply pay independent contractors that refer new members to 1 Click Trading System. All sales of the Subscription must go through a replicated website (indicated by their personalized web address)
Example www.1clicktradingsystem.com/yourcode

Absolutely yes. The site, back office and all information are secure. We utilize an SSL, the same way banks and other secure sites do (128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange, etc). Look for the Lock at the bottom / top of your browser window.

You use the unique website URL which you created during the "Join Now" process. That link is located in your BackOffice dashboard on the settings Account tab. The website address is the 1 Click Trading System web address followed by a forward slash and the extension that you chose.
Example: www.1ClickTradingSystem.com/JohnDoe

Nope. As a subscriber you receive signals and can use the system as you wish. Making referrals is completely optional.

Around $20 US seems to be the lower limit to make the math work on most exchanges. Something "worthwhile" for one trader may not seem to be worthwhile for another. So it's a subjective question and only you can answer that.

The typical amount per trade is around 1/5 to 1/3 of the crypto assets you are using to trade.

A typical day will produce a handful of signals. A flat market will likely produce2 to 4. A volatile market can produce 10 or more.